Thursday, May 6, 2010

Twins Fan

John and I were preparing for our first date since Feb. 22 (the day before Grady was born) to the new Target Field to watch the Twins play. I figured Grady may as well know baseball lore. In this top picture, Grady is reenacting Babe Ruth's Called Shot. Yes, I know Ruth wasn't a Twins player.

Here Grady is practicing his umping - he thinks the ball was a little to the right of the plate.

Grady calls 'em out!

In case Grady becomes the next Mauer-type local hero, I think they can use this final picture on his playing card. Imagine the commercial the Twins could write using this mug!

The stadium was amazing! We parked at Fort Snelling and rode the lightrail to Gate 6. Because it was Earth Day, April 22, the train ride was even free. Unfortunately, the Twins lost, but we enjoyed the day anyway. Thanks to Aunt Julie for babysitting.

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