Sunday, September 26, 2010

Reading with Grandma Kay

Grady loves to read (of course, his parents are two English teachers). Here he's reading with Grandma Kay. This book is highly interactive with pieces to move and press; it also has a recording that reads aloud, plays music and entertains young readers.

Grady and Grandma Yvette

Grandma Yvette, Grady's biological, maternal grandmother, came to Grandpa Pat's funeral. We were all thrilled to see her and Grady's Aunt Emily! Grady and Grandma had some quiet time together back at the house - a special time for both of them.

First Time in High Chair

Big Boy sitting in the high chair at Grandma Kay's house.

Playing with Daddy and a Box

Seriously, who needs expensive toys when he has a box and a parent for play time?

Bath Tub Ducky

Grady has upgraded to the big bathtub and his rubber ducky! The ducky is perfect for helping Grady with comfortable independence, and I don't have to worry about him hitting his head on the side of the tub. He enjoys reclining in it during every bath. The crazy thing even quacks, pretty realistically, when the beak is squeezed. What will "they" think of next?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

When Daddy's Away...

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are a house divided when it comes to football. John has always stated that our son would be a Packers' fan, and I could have any daughters for the Vikings. Well, I figure I may as well introduce Grady to the Vikings while I have a chance because I'm sure the rabid Packer people in our family, friends group, town and state will have their way with Grady and twist his mind. I can only hope that he'll be an independent thinker, and maybe he'll choose his own team. :) Just so it's not the Bears!

So, when daddy was away, Grady and I got all dressed up in our purple gear and watched the final pre-season game. Honestly, we mostly took pictures, but he did watch some of the game. By the way, I did not pose him for any of these, even the thumbs up shot.

I think he looks absolutely stunning in purple!

Grady was entranced by the game, probably because he literally never watches television.

Don't tell daddy what we've done!

Play Time

Grady loves to play on the floor of his room. He will sit for 20 minutes just playing. One of his immediate actions is to take the cover off his red bucket and empty all of the contents. He noisily bangs objects on each other, enthusiastically reads his books and loudly orates.

Sharing his block with mama. Isn't he sweet?

He still loves to pose for pictures. It's difficult to get a true action shot sometimes unless I'm sneaky with the camera!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grandpa Pat

Grady always loved visiting Grandpa Pat, whether he was in the hospital, the nursing home or at home. These pictures were taken at home on August 29; Grandpa was in home hospice. Grady and Grandpa spent a considerable amount of time looking at each other, kissing and hugging.
Sadly, Grandpa Pat (John's dad) passed away on Sept. 7. We were all with him for his final two days on earth. We miss him terribly, but we rejoice that he is with his, and our, Lord and Saviour in heaven.
We are so thankful that Grandpa was able to meet his youngest grandchild, Grady, and spend time with him. Grandpa will live on in the hearts of his family, and Grady will know him through the collective memory of the older grandchildren, his aunts and uncles, and us. The Sunday before he passed, Grandpa told us that Grady is a "beautiful baby" and a "smart baby." Grandpa knew best!

Great Aunt Twila and Great Uncle Stan

My aunt and uncle from Colorado were here for a long weekend at the end of August. Happily, we were able to spend a few hours with them one afternoon. Grady loved all the kisses and hugs he received. He was the center of attention - shocker!

Family Reunion

Before all the company came to Grandma's house, Grady just needed to sit on Grandma and Grandpa's bed - for old times sake.
Now, if you've met Grady and spent any time with him, you know he is a happy and talkative little boy. He's also rather loud. Samantha, Josh and Lisa's baby, and Grady were playing on Grandma and Grandpa's den floor when Sam looked at Grady and "talked" to him in a voice similar to his own in volume and sound. Evidently, Grady did not like it one bit. He started crying, and for the rest of the day, he cried whenever he saw Sam.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Marine on the St. Croix

Grady and I went to lunch at the Brookside with Kathy, Mike and Amanda. It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon, and we sure missed John. He was helping at his parents' house caring for Pat. Kathy and Amanda feeding Grady.
Mike helped Grady ride the cow. Notice the adorable, hooded sweater? Kathy knitted it for Grady - Wow!

First Ear Infection

While we were in Denver, Grady acquired his first cold/case of allergies. By the Friday after we returned home, I had to bring him to urgent care; he had his first ear infection. Grady didn't actually complain much while he was sick (and he did not pull on his ear). He still loved to play, as you can see on this picture. You can also see his extremely stuffed up nose if you care to look closely enough. Yuck!

Soaking in a warm bath seemed to relieve his cold.

A Few More Snapshots from Denver

Grady's first bath in a "real" bathtub
"The Girls"

"The Boys"

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Funny Baby

Grady thought Cousin Tom was hilarious when we visited Uncle Stan and Aunt Twila's house the day after the party.

50th Anniversary in Boulder

Cousin Damon, Uncle Stan, Aunt Twila and Cousin Kris.
We celebrated Stan and Twila's 50th Anniversary at a wonderful Italian restaurant in Boulder. Grady was extremely amiable, allowing everyone hold him and granting us many smiles, throughout the social hour. Once the slide show and dinner began, Grady fell asleep in my lap. I laid him down on the floor behind me, and he slept through the rest of the party.
The perfect little boy!

My grandparents and my great-grandparents on their 50th anniversaries. They, of course, looked fantastic, but Uncle Stan and Aunt Twila look much younger in comparison.

This must be an example of "70 is the new 50."

Checking everything out with Uncle Jeff.

Grady, Cousin Kris and me. He hasn't seen very many blondes before; Grady was fascinated by Kris' hair.

Mount Falcon Park - Part I

On Saturday, the five of us drove to Mount Falcon Park and hiked 3.2 miles in the mountains. This open space was once owned by John Brisben Walker, who built an amazing stone house (some call it a castle) on the property. The home burned in 1918, but some of the foundation, walls and fireplaces remain. We excitedly headed out on the Castle Trail.

Grady was alert and curious as we started the hike.

It's a bit difficult to pose for a picture while standing on a rocky incline with a baby in a backpack. It sure is fun, though. These shots were taken on the mountain just below the ruins of the house.

All the strenuous hiking wore Grady out.