Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Grandpa Pat

Grady always loved visiting Grandpa Pat, whether he was in the hospital, the nursing home or at home. These pictures were taken at home on August 29; Grandpa was in home hospice. Grady and Grandpa spent a considerable amount of time looking at each other, kissing and hugging.
Sadly, Grandpa Pat (John's dad) passed away on Sept. 7. We were all with him for his final two days on earth. We miss him terribly, but we rejoice that he is with his, and our, Lord and Saviour in heaven.
We are so thankful that Grandpa was able to meet his youngest grandchild, Grady, and spend time with him. Grandpa will live on in the hearts of his family, and Grady will know him through the collective memory of the older grandchildren, his aunts and uncles, and us. The Sunday before he passed, Grandpa told us that Grady is a "beautiful baby" and a "smart baby." Grandpa knew best!