Friday, December 2, 2011


Well, a boy should probably be a fan of the same team as his daddy ~ argh.

In the spirit of male bonding and family unity, I dressed Grady in his Packers jersey for the first big rivalry game. Good thing, since the Packers won. The jersey hurt me worse than the loss!

Yes, I'm wearing purple!

Visiting the Farm

Such joy! A beautiful fall day to visit Moelter's Grassroot Meats and play with Bear. Grady was thrilled to play with Bear, who is the friendliest, sweetest little dog!

Grady and this cow stood looking at each other for a priceless moment; then, Grady started running toward him and the cow ran away.

Telling Auntie Jean about the cows.

Sitting on the hay bales with Bear.

Fall Afternoon

Grady yells, "Weeee" when he swings. Too cute.

Grady and Mommy ~ I never knew my heart could be this full of love!

Sweet Boy!