Saturday, January 22, 2011

Christmas Day Train

Love this picture of Grandpa, Grady and me ~ the joy Grady brings to all of us is evident!

Grady loves his new train from Grandpa. How is it that he already knows how to make it work?

Grady and Grandpa

Christmas Day

Grandma, Daddy and Grady.

Christmas Morning

Reading with Grandma. This is a recordable book that Grandma did for Grady ~ what a neat keepsake!

Those little techie thumbs are already working as Grady plays with his new phone from Grandma and Grandpa

Christmas Eve

Crawling through the torn-off wrapping paper - fun!

Aunt Diane, Jen and Matt

Singing with Uncle Scott

Beth, Zeus, Grady and Grandma

Cousin Jen and Grady playing.

Watching Daddy in the Snow

Grady watches daddy blow all the snow off the deck! Poor John had to get out and do this because we needed to get to the grill for Christmas eve. This kept Grady entertained for a long time.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Over Christmas break, I used snowshoes from school and took Grady sledding in our yard and down our driveway. Grady loved the sled and playing in the snow! He especially giggled when I did two faceplants after catching my snowshoes on each other - it was darn funny to listen to him, even though falling was a bit of a blow to my ego.

Honestly, he's still a beautiful boy!

Playing in the snow on the unshoveled sidewalk.

Tuesday Take-Off

On Tuesday, Grady crawled for real. He went all over the main level of the house - our bedroom, closet, master bath, laundry room, hallway and his room. He's on the move, and I'm certain life will never be as simple as it was when he sat for 20 minutes playing in his room. I'm also sure the vacuum and the mop will be my new favorite cleaning tools. (Oh fun!)

Ready for Take-off

This Monday evening, Grady tentatively crawled - a total of 5 arm and leg movement sets. Exciting!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Card Pictures

On a snowy Saturday (14 inches and strong winds), the three of us hunkered in at home and snapped potential greeting card pictures (probably 40 pictures to get 2). We placed Grady's chicken-dance, singing duck behind the camera; John pushed the button to get the duck to sing and dance, and then he quickly got himself into the picture. We repeated this process numerous times, and to my pleasant surprise, both John and Grady stayed extremely positive. John and I were turned away looking at the pictures when we heard a thump - Grady, in his excitement to get moving, tried to stand up and took a nose dive to the floor. Bless his soul, he just started to laugh! He is a total joy!

The two pictures we used on our Christmas card.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Pics of the Little Man

The family at Grandma's Lay Ministry Commissioning

Grady loved swimming with his cousins!

Look at that form - maybe he'll be the next Michael Phelps! Or maybe he'll just love the water. In fact, he loves the water so much, that he now crawls into our shower to play while we're showering. (Guess we didn't consider that when we designed our bathroom - being a parent of a 10-month old certainly creates a new perspective!)

Baking cookies with Grandma Arlene. Actually, I did most of the baking, and Grady and Grandma mostly played and giggled.

Aunt Julie and Grady are buddies.

Uncle Tom, Joey and Grady - what a handful!

Cousin Michael takes great care of Grady when we're together!