Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday Party

 You'll probably see this banner for the next 18 years because I made it!  The Elmo faces come off, so the banner is customizable to Grady's interests.
 Grady shoots basketballs for at least an hour a day ~ his choice!  So, I decided a basketball cake was an appropriate addition to his Sesame Street/Elmo party.  It was fun to make, and he definitely recognized it as a basketball, hoop and net.
 What a blessing our little boy is for us and all of our family and friends.
 Blowing out his candles ~ he did it without spitting on the cake.
Pretending to lick his birthday cake ~ he thought he was quite funny!

Pizza Chef

Putting the cheese on his "pizza." 

Artist in Residence

Grady painting (and wearing one of Daddy's t-shirts) at his new easel from Grandmum Yvette. 
Obviously, he's enjoying himself!

Mommy's Helper

Grady mashing bananas and then measuring them for our banana oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.  He loves helping me in the kitchen.  Such a big boy.

Rachel and Grandmum Yvette

 Rachel teaches Grady the piano notes with his Elmo book.

Finger puppet fun.

We sure enjoyed Rachel and Grandmum's visit!  We met at John's basketball game, then they came home with us and stayed overnight.  The next morning, we had a relaxing breakfast and Grady opened Christmas presents.  This is the joy of open adoption!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Two Peas in a Pod

Puppy Chop (an allusion to Lambchop)

Matthew stayed the night and brought Grady a new puppy puppet toy.  Grady loves it!
Now, we're working on saying, "I wish I had a puppy." 
John won't be able to deny Grady and me for too long.  

Grandmama and Papa's House

On a visit to Grandmama and Papa's house, Grady did not want to take a nap.  It was much more fun to throw the pillows on the floor and roll around in them.

Finally, under the spell of Papa's magic back rub, Grady slept.


 My family gathered to celebrate Matt and Beth's new baby Naomi and Grandma Arlene's birthday.  Grady and I had a moment of quiet, and someone actually took a picture of us (usually, I'm behind the camera).

 Grady and Samantha (Josh and Lisa's daughter who is two months older than Grady) had a fun time playing together.  He really wanted to teach her how to shoot the basketball.
Samantha and Grady sharing a chair and preparing to "hold" Naomi ~ Yikes!  I was thankful that Grady wasn't all that interested in actually holding her.  Samantha, however, wanted to keep them both on the chair with her.
 Silly cousin Matt and Grady.
 Samantha and Grady hugging each other goodbye.  This went on for a solid two minutes before they finally let go ...
Grady stepped aside, thought about kissing her, but ended up trying to headbutt Samantha instead. 
Too funny!


Too much partying for Halloween and in Duluth left Grady with a terrible cold. 
His new pampered pleasure is lying in our bed watching a dvd on a portable player.  The cold didn't keep him down for long.

Duluth Trip

 Grady wrapped up in the hotel towels after taking a shower with Daddy.  He thought this was pretty interesting because it was a regular tub shower rather than our walk-in shower.  Grady couldn't leave the shower curtain and tub alone ~ such fascination with something we deem ordinary.  How amazing to see the world through the eyes of a little one! 
 Our weekend was spent at a hotel on Canal Park ~ probably our favorite place in the Midwest!  Grady enjoyed running on the pier, and he loved watching a ship come in.  We ran into some people John knows from Somerset; their grandson and Grady had a great time.
 The most important reason for our trip was to see Grady's great-grandpa Jack and great-grandma Bev.  Grandpa and Grady enjoyed playing the piano together. 
Obviously, these two have a strong connection!  This is the joy of open adoption!
We also went to Rachel and Yvette's apartment for dinner ~ sadly, I didn't take any pictures. 
We enjoyed our time with everyone.
 We went trick or treating in Osceola with Katherine and Lynn.  The kids had a great time walking up and down Main Street.  At first, Grady didn't understand the concept of getting candy from people, but as the morning wore on, he clearly understood!  Grady also enjoyed dancing in the Mill Pond Park.
After Daddy came home, we took off in the car for trick or treating fun!  Five houses and 3 1/2 hours later, we were on our way home.  Grady was exhausted (so were we).