Saturday, February 11, 2012

Duluth Trip

 Grady wrapped up in the hotel towels after taking a shower with Daddy.  He thought this was pretty interesting because it was a regular tub shower rather than our walk-in shower.  Grady couldn't leave the shower curtain and tub alone ~ such fascination with something we deem ordinary.  How amazing to see the world through the eyes of a little one! 
 Our weekend was spent at a hotel on Canal Park ~ probably our favorite place in the Midwest!  Grady enjoyed running on the pier, and he loved watching a ship come in.  We ran into some people John knows from Somerset; their grandson and Grady had a great time.
 The most important reason for our trip was to see Grady's great-grandpa Jack and great-grandma Bev.  Grandpa and Grady enjoyed playing the piano together. 
Obviously, these two have a strong connection!  This is the joy of open adoption!
We also went to Rachel and Yvette's apartment for dinner ~ sadly, I didn't take any pictures. 
We enjoyed our time with everyone.