Saturday, February 11, 2012


 My family gathered to celebrate Matt and Beth's new baby Naomi and Grandma Arlene's birthday.  Grady and I had a moment of quiet, and someone actually took a picture of us (usually, I'm behind the camera).

 Grady and Samantha (Josh and Lisa's daughter who is two months older than Grady) had a fun time playing together.  He really wanted to teach her how to shoot the basketball.
Samantha and Grady sharing a chair and preparing to "hold" Naomi ~ Yikes!  I was thankful that Grady wasn't all that interested in actually holding her.  Samantha, however, wanted to keep them both on the chair with her.
 Silly cousin Matt and Grady.
 Samantha and Grady hugging each other goodbye.  This went on for a solid two minutes before they finally let go ...
Grady stepped aside, thought about kissing her, but ended up trying to headbutt Samantha instead. 
Too funny!