Saturday, March 5, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

Waiting for Daddy to come in from the garage on game day.

A beverage, some meatballs and a great game - what more does a guy need?

Even a football fan needs to take a break from the intensity once in awhile, especially when his toes are so interesting.

One of Grady's new favorite tricks is to turn off, turn on, turn off, turn on, turn off, turn on ... the tv.

Studying the Washing Machine

Grady's new fascination - watching the washer fill with water and spin.
Having a little guy in the house sure gives us new perspectives on things we never noticed in the past!

Big Screen Elmo

Resting at Grandma's house and watching Elmo for the first time on the television .


Grady enjoys making music - or maybe he simply enjoys making noise!

Children's Museum

Cousins Michael, Abby and Joey spent a Friday night at our house. We all had fun at John's basketball game! On Saturday, we headed to the Children's Musuem where we met Aunt Kaylene, Katie and Matthew.

Grady enjoyed the water area and watching people. He's fascinated by all things water!

Grady liked the little kids' room with the interactive areas.

Grady and Cousin Joey checking out the big city.

All the cousins - Wow!

Packer Fan

Ready to watch the game with Daddy!

Similar hair patterns?