Friday, December 2, 2011


Well, a boy should probably be a fan of the same team as his daddy ~ argh.

In the spirit of male bonding and family unity, I dressed Grady in his Packers jersey for the first big rivalry game. Good thing, since the Packers won. The jersey hurt me worse than the loss!

Yes, I'm wearing purple!

Visiting the Farm

Such joy! A beautiful fall day to visit Moelter's Grassroot Meats and play with Bear. Grady was thrilled to play with Bear, who is the friendliest, sweetest little dog!

Grady and this cow stood looking at each other for a priceless moment; then, Grady started running toward him and the cow ran away.

Telling Auntie Jean about the cows.

Sitting on the hay bales with Bear.

Fall Afternoon

Grady yells, "Weeee" when he swings. Too cute.

Grady and Mommy ~ I never knew my heart could be this full of love!

Sweet Boy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011


Multi-tasking: talking on the phone, using the computer, sucking on the paci and looking adorable.

Summer Fun at Como Zoo

In front of the iconic carousel. Grady enjoyed the horsey, once he got used to it going up and down.

Riding the kiddie train with Daddy. I'm still not sure how John fit into the little car!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Littlest Dragon

A dragon who does martial arts?

Grady and his friend Katherine, the adorable kitty.

Halloween was tons of fun! Grady and I went to Osceola with Lynn and Kate to participate in the business trick or treat. We left at 10:15 and arrived home at 1:00 after much trick or treating and a bit of lunch at Subway. Grady couldn't stay awake long enough to get out of his costume.

After a two hour nap, Grady, Daddy and I ate an early supper and headed out for more trick or treating. We arrived home at 8:50 ~ holy catfish! He was exhausted, but he had a blast.

One highlight occurred at Grandma's house when a little girl came up dressed as Elmo (it was a great costume). Grady came running to the door when I said Elmo was outside; he nearly skidded to a stop with his eyes as big as saucers ~ imagine, Elmo at Grandma's!

Today, Grady and I are both a bit exhausted; he took a three hour nap!

Grady-Touchdown Baby!

Grady loves to run and score touchdowns, as you will see in the following video.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Little Guy Loves to Climb

In the bookcase, after he emptied out one side ...

In his toy shelf ...
(don't worry, the wires have all been removed now!)

Climbing on the box...

Madeline Island Beach

Another beach on the island. We virtually had the place to ourselves. This beach had more rocks, which Grady threw relentlessly. He throws everything these days.

Madeline Island Swimming

Eating breakfast on the porch with daddy. Grady loves french toast!

Swimming in Lake Superior was definitely something to sing about ~ the weather was hot and the lake was cold, but that didn't stop us from enjoying the water.

Madeline Island

There was a fun playground across the street from the condo. It was right on the lake, and it was a beautiful view.

Grady enjoyed his first trip on a ferry boat.

Grandpa Joe

Grady enjoyed reading The Adventures of Taxi Dog, his favorite book, with Grandpa Joe.

Monday, July 11, 2011


All it took was a little encouragement from Grandma, and Grady was walking like an all-star! He spent this afternoon walking from the house doorway to the porch doors and back to Grandma. It's all extremely exciting. Again, I mostly have it on video, and again, you'll have to trust me that he was adorable.

Spring Day

A beautiful day for lying in the grass and picking dandelions.

Kissing Daddy.

Admiring the flower then feeding it to Daddy.

Standing Alone

I was making supper in the kitchen when I looked toward Grady's room, and HE WAS STANDING in the middle of the dining area! He'd fall to his knees, say "Awww...," and stand back up. This went on for a solid 15 minutes. I ended up taking video of it instead of another picture, but it is long and would take forever to post on the blog. You'll have to believe me that he was adorable.


Grady's friends Katherine (kneeling) and Kylie (in the stroller).
Can you believe he put his arm around Kylie for the picture? I did not pose them.