Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Littlest Dragon

A dragon who does martial arts?

Grady and his friend Katherine, the adorable kitty.

Halloween was tons of fun! Grady and I went to Osceola with Lynn and Kate to participate in the business trick or treat. We left at 10:15 and arrived home at 1:00 after much trick or treating and a bit of lunch at Subway. Grady couldn't stay awake long enough to get out of his costume.

After a two hour nap, Grady, Daddy and I ate an early supper and headed out for more trick or treating. We arrived home at 8:50 ~ holy catfish! He was exhausted, but he had a blast.

One highlight occurred at Grandma's house when a little girl came up dressed as Elmo (it was a great costume). Grady came running to the door when I said Elmo was outside; he nearly skidded to a stop with his eyes as big as saucers ~ imagine, Elmo at Grandma's!

Today, Grady and I are both a bit exhausted; he took a three hour nap!

Grady-Touchdown Baby!

Grady loves to run and score touchdowns, as you will see in the following video.