Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reading on Mommy and Daddy's Big Bed

While propped up on the pillows surrounded by his toys, Grady grabbed his book to read. I did not pose him in this picture. All of the reading every day must be paying off already. Yahoo!

I did help him sit up, and I put the toys in front of him. Grady enthusiastically "read" his book - yes, I did flip the pages for him, but the excitement is 100% his own.

The cow made him smile; the whole adventure made me smile! It warms my English teacher heart, and my mother's heart continues to explode with amazement and love.

Working Out

Grady concentrates on his arm workout.

Chief sneaking in for the kiss - again. He brought his ball over and played with it next to Grady. When he thought we weren't looking, he made his move!

Falling Over with Kisses

Sunday afternoon, Grady sat up on his floor for an extended period of time. He needs help sitting, but he's able to steady himself and stay up. Chief wanted desperately to get to Grady, and Grady was more interested in watching Chief than playing with his ball or other toy.

Chief always kisses Grady when he's able. Unfortunately, Grady was not able to remain sitting while receiving all that love. He doesn't seem to mind the kisses or the falling down. They're cute together; I wonder what Chief will think of Grady when Grady starts pulling on him and following him around the house?


Ok - so I thought Grady would be thrilled with pears. I bought them fresh, steamed them and ran them through the food mill. I think they're delicious! Grady screwed up his face into the funniest look the first few spoonsful. Eventually, he did start to like them.
I've been using a KidCo Food Mill given to me by a friend. It seems basic, and it is, but it works amazingly well. As of this writing, Grady has also tried bananas (loved them instantly) and zucchini (not sure about them yet, but they do taste like squash). We'll keep experimenting.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Special Trip to Duluth

Grady, Grandma Arlene, Grandma Kay and I took a one-day road trip to Duluth to meet and visit with Grady's biological great grandparents.

We arrived early and spent time on Canal Park, where Grady ate and then saw Lake Superior for the first time. We were even fortunate enough to see a ship. It was perfect, iconic Duluth!

Grandma Kay, Grady and Grandma Arlene

Rachel, Great Grandpa Jack, Grady, Great Grandma Bev and Grandma Yvette.
We continue to praise God for the loving family surrounding Grady.

First squash - what a surprise! Grady gobbles up his rice cereal/oatmeal blend, but when I slipped in some garden squash, he wasn't so sure about it. After a few spoonsful, and a upbeat little song about loving squash, Grady decided it wasn't too bad. He ate squash once a day for the whole week. I read to introduce one new food every four days, so if he has an allergic reaction, I'll know the cause. So far, so good. Next week we'll try a fruit - either pears or peaches. Yum.

Grady laughing at Grandma. As soon as he sees the camera, he fixates on it. It seems he knows those Kodak moments, probably because he often watches me blogging. He is that smart. :)

July 4th (and 3rd)

We went to the Osceola Landing on the St. Croix River for a holiday picnic with our friends. Grady napped in his stroller under the shade of a big oak tree. The nap didn't last long, however, because there were too many exciting things to do and people to see.

New friends Grady and Isabella. They held hands on their own - adorable.

Grady and Daddy relaxing.

Overheated and tired, Grady crabbed a bit, so I took him into the river with Kathy and Patrice. Bending down to get Grady's legs in the water, I couldn't believe how his cries turned to instant coos and giggles. He liked it!

Grady sitting in the sand along the shore while Maggie stands by.

This t-shirt is a shout-out to Springsteen's album cover for Born in the USA. I couldn't pass it up! The day was hot and rainy, so we hung out at home on the porch. We watched fireworks at Mike and Patrice's house, but it was buggy, muggy and late at night for Grady. We left after 45 minutes. We'll try again next year!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Swimming in the Big Blue Fish

It was 91 degrees outside on Friday, so I decided it was a great day to test Grady's pool. I filled it with water around noon; we went outside at 4:00 to check the water temperature. You can see Grady's surprised look on this first picture.

The experience was a tactile one in many ways. Grady's fingers never stopped touching and pulling out the grass. What a big adventure!

All that standing guard made Chief thirsty.

Every chance he has, Grady touches us. He is incredibly inquisitive and observant.

Laying in the sun on Daddy's shirt after the big swim.


Grandpa Wes plays airplane with Grady. Grady, it would seem, likes to fly above Grandpa's head. He smiles and laughs aloud (this seems to be a pretty constant happening with our happy little man). By the way, I'm hesitant to play airplane because I am already spit up on at least twice a day. So far, Grandpa's luck is holding out.

Intently watching Lorna clap her hands.

This deer was out by the pond in the morning. I wonder if it's the same one who ate my peas and the tops of most of my tomato plants? Lesson to be learned: always put the Irish Spring stakes around the garden as soon as it's planted!

If planting the garden wasn't such work, I'd be thrilled to feed the deer and bunnies. This year, however, I'm more into the value of the garden than ever because I plan to make much of Grady's baby food with the bounty.

Grady and I went to visit Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Arlene for the day. Grandma has terrible arthritis in her knees, but that didn't stop her from getting on the floor to play with Grady. Her reward? Grady's giggles, hugs and smiles!

Being that Grady didn't have his normal long naps this day, I thought he'd fall asleep the second we got in the car. Instead, he chattered for 35 miles before finally sleeping the last 20. He loves to talk, and it's fun to have his company in the car.

Bumbo Chair

Grady's new Bumbo chair provides him the opportunity to sit up, twist to see us and be comfortable eating. He enjoys it, and because it's incredibly light and portable, I take it everywhere with us. How nice for Grady not to have to lay down when we're not holding him. He is working hard at sitting by himself these days. He can last about 30 seconds in an upright position before he topples over.
Side note: He seems to enjoy sitting in the chair on the kitchen counter while I cook - maybe he'll like to prepare meals and treats someday!