Sunday, July 4, 2010


Grandpa Wes plays airplane with Grady. Grady, it would seem, likes to fly above Grandpa's head. He smiles and laughs aloud (this seems to be a pretty constant happening with our happy little man). By the way, I'm hesitant to play airplane because I am already spit up on at least twice a day. So far, Grandpa's luck is holding out.

Intently watching Lorna clap her hands.

This deer was out by the pond in the morning. I wonder if it's the same one who ate my peas and the tops of most of my tomato plants? Lesson to be learned: always put the Irish Spring stakes around the garden as soon as it's planted!

If planting the garden wasn't such work, I'd be thrilled to feed the deer and bunnies. This year, however, I'm more into the value of the garden than ever because I plan to make much of Grady's baby food with the bounty.