Tuesday, July 13, 2010

July 4th (and 3rd)

We went to the Osceola Landing on the St. Croix River for a holiday picnic with our friends. Grady napped in his stroller under the shade of a big oak tree. The nap didn't last long, however, because there were too many exciting things to do and people to see.

New friends Grady and Isabella. They held hands on their own - adorable.

Grady and Daddy relaxing.

Overheated and tired, Grady crabbed a bit, so I took him into the river with Kathy and Patrice. Bending down to get Grady's legs in the water, I couldn't believe how his cries turned to instant coos and giggles. He liked it!

Grady sitting in the sand along the shore while Maggie stands by.

This t-shirt is a shout-out to Springsteen's album cover for Born in the USA. I couldn't pass it up! The day was hot and rainy, so we hung out at home on the porch. We watched fireworks at Mike and Patrice's house, but it was buggy, muggy and late at night for Grady. We left after 45 minutes. We'll try again next year!