Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miscellaneous Pics of the Little Man

The family at Grandma's Lay Ministry Commissioning

Grady loved swimming with his cousins!

Look at that form - maybe he'll be the next Michael Phelps! Or maybe he'll just love the water. In fact, he loves the water so much, that he now crawls into our shower to play while we're showering. (Guess we didn't consider that when we designed our bathroom - being a parent of a 10-month old certainly creates a new perspective!)

Baking cookies with Grandma Arlene. Actually, I did most of the baking, and Grady and Grandma mostly played and giggled.

Aunt Julie and Grady are buddies.

Uncle Tom, Joey and Grady - what a handful!

Cousin Michael takes great care of Grady when we're together!