Saturday, September 25, 2010

When Daddy's Away...

Anyone who knows us, knows that we are a house divided when it comes to football. John has always stated that our son would be a Packers' fan, and I could have any daughters for the Vikings. Well, I figure I may as well introduce Grady to the Vikings while I have a chance because I'm sure the rabid Packer people in our family, friends group, town and state will have their way with Grady and twist his mind. I can only hope that he'll be an independent thinker, and maybe he'll choose his own team. :) Just so it's not the Bears!

So, when daddy was away, Grady and I got all dressed up in our purple gear and watched the final pre-season game. Honestly, we mostly took pictures, but he did watch some of the game. By the way, I did not pose him for any of these, even the thumbs up shot.

I think he looks absolutely stunning in purple!

Grady was entranced by the game, probably because he literally never watches television.

Don't tell daddy what we've done!