Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RFHS Shower Friends

Grady and I went to RFHS on April 15 for a shower given in our honor. Once again, we were overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and coworkers! Thanks to everyone, especially Taryl, Stacey and Jean for hosting. The treats were delicious, and as you'll see in the next few pictures, Grady made some new friends.

Grady and Dylan, son of our friends Mike and Stephanie. Dylan is two months older than Grady, so you can see it was a bit easier for him to sit. Additionally, this was taken at the end of the afternoon, and Grady was exhausted! He was unbelievably good for the whole day - even the 45 minute car ride each way.

Ok, so this is a fun little repeat picture, but I did in a cartoon format with my photo program.

Joslyn, who is one week younger than Grady and the daughter of my co-worker Cara, and Grady were a big hit at the shower. Joslyn is such a pretty, blond, petite, pink-wearing girl, and Grady is a handsome, dark, solid, blue-wearing boy! The contrast is beautiful. We are all so blessed!

Prior to the shower, I had my hair cut. This is Michelle, my stylist and also my former focus student from the first 4-year focus group I had twelve years ago. Grady was the perfect little man during the appointment - he sat under the cape during the wash, cut and style, but he needed a little bite to eat when it was all done.

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