Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dedication Sunday

It is our intention to raise Grady in a Christian home, and we both pray he will come to know the Lord at an early age. On May 30, Grady was dedicated to God at Hope Church.

Grandpa Pat and Grandma Kay were both there! Grandpa was determined to come, so Brian and John picked him up at the nursing home and brought him to the church. What a blessing for John and me to look out at our church family and see all of our parents there, too. Additionally, all of our siblings on John's side and our nieces and nephews were also there. After the service, twenty-five people came to our house for lunch. Again, we are overwhelmed by the love and support of our family and friends. Grady is truly blessed by each of you, and we know you will all help us raise him to be a Christian child, boy and man. God is good!

Grandpa Wes, Grandpa Gerry and Grandma Arlene were also there.

John and I both read letters to Grady.

The first celebratory cake for Grady. The woman in the bakery wrote "Grady Patrick Your a Blessing." Funny how two English teachers would have a mistake like that on their child's cake. I thought of adding the apostrophe and the "e" in red frosting for a good laugh. I didn't have to, though, because a nice salesperson at the store took it in the back and fixed it for us.

The Aunties/sisters: Aunt Julie, Aunt Kaylene, Aunt Julie, Aunt Sarah and me. What an amazing group of women! We have so many pictures of the "boys," it's wonderful to have this one of the "girls." I know that each of you will play an important part in Grady's life. You're all so special to me, and I'm thankful to have you for sisters. Grady loves you already.

Cousins: Katie and Grady. They already have a special relationship; Grady's face lights up whenever Katie is in the room.

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