Monday, April 26, 2010

Week of April 4, 2010

Happy Easter! We went to church this morning, and then headed to Grandpa Pat and Grandma Kay's house. Unfortunately, Grandpa, who just finished his six weeks of radiation and oral chemotherapy, had to be admitted to United Hospital today. Grady and I stayed at the house, while John rode in the ambulance with Grandpa. Julie and Kay drove over in the car. Grandpa has a touch of pneumonia and a bladder infection. He is very weak, but they hope to have him stronger very soon. He loves Grady and says, "He's such a nice baby," everytime they are together.

Grady and Aunt Julie on Easter Sunday.

My friends at the RFHS Sunshine Club sent this beautiful bouquet. Hopefully, Grady will like flowers a bit more than this in the future.

Grady has started to stick out his lower lip when he's not happy. How does this happen? Where has he seen it? John and I don't do this, so it must be an innate trait. Anyway, it's darn funny.

Cousins Kate and Matthew had spring break this week, so they came over to help paint the frogs and ducks in Grady's nursery. They stayed overnight, and the next morning, we hit the paints.

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