Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Luck of the Irish!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
We spent the day thinking, hoping and praying that we might get to go home today. In the meantime, Grady charmed us all with his sweet antics and personality. He liked his new bouncy chair from Aunt Julie and Aunt Kaylene. We dressed him in his "Team Grandpa" outfit from Becka - positive thinking always helps. Jane from LSS called at 3:00 to tell us we could go home. Grandpa Gerry helped mommy pack up the car while Grandma Arlene held Grady. This was a bittersweet time for me because my mom and Gerry had taken such good care of us while we were there. I had a hard time leaving, yet I was thrilled to be going home. The prospect of sleeping in our own bed sounded wonderful - I had been gone for 27 days.

Our homecoming in Somerset was an emotional thrill for all of us. Nobody knew we were coming, except daddy. They were just sitting down to corned beef and cabbage dinner when we arrived. Obviously, Grady was the hit of the party. Grandpa Pat, Grandma Kay, Aunt Julie and Uncle Brian from Denver, Aunt Julie, and Grandpa Joe were all there. What a great day!

Tears of joy...

Our beautiful boy...

Smiling Grandpa Joe
Uncle Brian - He thought this may have been the longest he's held a baby. Grady sure is special.

Grandma Kay is love struck.

Grady's first bottle at home in the leather chair. Chief was thrilled to see us, although he seemed to look at me as if to say, "Hey, I thought that baby was Grandma's."

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