Sunday, April 11, 2010

Family Pictures

Over the weekend, we celebrated Grandpa Pat and Great Aunt Margaret's birthday, as well as Katie and Michael's. It was such a special time for all of the family to be together. Grady also had his first outing to our church on Sunday. Our church family's enthusiasm and joy for us were so abundant. We feel a tremendous amount of love and support everywhere we go.
Uncle Tom with Grady
Cousins Michael and Abby holding baby Grady.

All of the grandkids with Grandpa Pat and Grandma Kay.

On March 20, we had family pictures at St. Anne's. Here's a picture of Grady (3 1/2 weeks), Becka (20), Michael (7), Abby (4), Joey (1), Katie (12) and Matthew (8).
Grady continues to be loved by everyone. We remember when the cousins were as little as he is, so we know we should savor these weeks because he'll grow quickly.

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