Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Similac Rant

Because I wouldn't be breastfeeding Grady, John and I made the decision to feed him what we thought was the best formula: Similac Organic. When I heard of the Similac recall in mid-September, I believed our containers were safe because we bought "organic" - which I thought would be processed differently than the regular formula. Surprisingly, all four containers that I had at home were involved with the recall. The worst part is that Similac did not offer any other packaging for the organic powder formula, so we were forced to either feed Grady potentially tainted formula (known as beetle juice to me, as beetle parts were found in the packaging plant) or switch to another brand.
Yes, we switched brands, and Grady has not had any adverse reactions - thankfully. Why, I continue to wonder, did we pay all that extra money for all these months? It would seem the organic is packaged in the same location, in the same manner as all the other formulas. I guess it's a good lesson in consumer awareness. Just because the label says "organic," it doesn't mean there's a true difference in the product.
Grady is obviously not drinking formula in these pictures, but his facial expressions absolutely illustrate my feelings about this whole recall!