Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Helping Mommy Celebrate

These pictures are from my birthday. Grady and I spent a wonderful morning and early afternoon hanging out together. When John came home, we were lying outside on a blanket under a tree. The three of us stayed out there relaxing for quite some time. John and Grady gave me a kayak and a beautiful cross pendant and chain.
Grandma Arlene and Grandpa Gerry took us out to dinner that night. Just as our entrees arrived, Grady decided to become a bit more "active." Our waitress, Taylor, a young woman from our church, took Grady outside; when she brought him back, we were finished eating and Grady was soundly sleeping in her arms. This would only happen in a small town!

Grady decided to wake up on the way home. He proceeded to thoroughly entertain the four of us with his shrieks, his talking and his kisses for Grandma. This went on until well after his bedtime.